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Mornings would be better with you.
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When I was eight and got my hair cut short, I cried about it the whole way home. My mom looked me in the eyes and said, “It’ll grow back. It won’t stay short forever.” I wasn’t comforted until it did.
When you broke my heart, I cried about it until I couldn’t. I looked at myself in the mirror, puffy-eyed, with a permanent frown on my face, and I said to myself, “I will be happy again without him. The pain won’t last forever.” It’s been 7 months and the comforting lie I told myself that day doesn’t feel like a lie anymore. The happiness grew back within me.
Everything grows back, nothing is permanent, but it just takes time. It also takes time to accept that. Time is the foundation on which growth is able to be constructed.
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I’m not afraid to fall in love, I’m just afraid of hitting the ground when its over.

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I’m still trying to get up

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Aug 27, 2014
Shadow of Angel | via Tumblr on We Heart It.
Aug 26, 2014

Shadow of Angel | via Tumblr on We Heart It.

One day, you will wake up. You will be able to get dressed, eat breakfast, brush your teeth, take a shower, go to school, eat lunch, go to class, and come home. And you’ll be able to do all of that without thinking about him.
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How could I let a love go — one I’d been holding onto for so long — one that felt like home? It’s not easy to let go of the pieces, even though they’re the reason for my pain. I gripped them so hard that my blood fell like rain.
Rachel Van Dyken, Toxic (via reading-is—breathing)

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